22 Filter Pan


Born (age)25
Aktuelle Mannschaft, , ,

Filter Pan is  an impressive striker and exciting dribbler, he’s qualified to play any position on the pitch. He has become a key member of the squad since joining in 2010.

As a talented defender, he has established himself in the first-team squad this season. The previous year, he had spent six productive months training overseas. He says this experience truly improved his performance and widened his understanding of the game. He came back more quick and powerful than ever before. The sharp-shooting attacker demonstrated his finishing ability within weeks of joining the squad.

The 2012/2013 season was his most prolific to date, with his 22 goals to help secure 3rd place in the Primary League. The highlight of his football career is a toss up between scoring the winning goal last year against Bentleigh in the Premier finals and taking the team to the WordPress Cup in 2011.